Sites I Used:

Victoria Schmidt's AMAZING Ahsoka Costume

Victoria Schmidt's Ahsoka costume is hands down one of the best fan-created costumes. She tells on this site basic materials that she used for the costume, as well as great reference pictures. 

Ahsoka Headpiece

This was the method I used for my first headpiece. Theirs turned out AMAZING!

Ahsoka Belt and kid's cosplay

I used this belt buckle general idea, though made my own version of the belts themselves. They have a good quick costume as well as the best fabric headpiece. Great cosplay for young kids! (Link opens via the Web Archive as the webpage is no longer available)

The Star Wars Belt Clip

I actually ordered these off of eBay, but the eBay listing was done by this company. They are the best deal that I've found, and are the actual clips used Star Wars Episodes 1-3. They changed the look of them for the Clone Wars just a little bit, but this is the best way to go. They ship from England, so give yourself 2 weeks for them to arrive. 


Food Capsules

 The Food Capsule site gave me great ideas to start my capsules, however I ended up using nail polish and my sink instead of spray paint, but this method is great too!

Rebel Legion Old Ahsoka Outfit

This site is a good reference for Ahsoka's gauntlets, though they are the earlier outfit version, you can see the shape well. My shape turned out identical to theirs! You have to scroll down a bit to get to those pictures as it is a discussion forum site. 

Rebel Legion Member Ahsoka (Minus Headpiece details) 

This lady did a really good walkthrough for her Ahsoka! I love her vinyl pieces!