When looking at the Rebel Legion requirements for acceptance, I saw that you had to have a non-toy lightsaber. My dad and grandfather are both excellent woodworkers (both have a half of the garage dedicated to the tools), so wood was the best way to go for me. I just planned to use the hilts as belt accessories, not as real lightsabers as some people are able to do. If you can't make your own, then scroll down to see how and where to buy lightsabers. 

Making your own lightsabers

First and foremost, I would purchase the Ahsoka toy lightsaber from Amazon. It is a very cheaply made lightsaber, and the hilt is a little too big around, but it's a great model when trying to make all of the buttons and accessories that go on the lightsaber. You can really see the curves and all the details well. I made all of my buttons out of Sculpey oven-bake clay. You can buy a pack for around $4 at Walmart that's way more than enough. It sands once it has been baked, so you can make minor adjustments to the shape if necessary. 

My grandpa did the general shape of the sabers with me on the lathe. It took us about an hour per saber just for the basic shape. We used pine wood as I had a time constraint and didn't think about looking for better stuff. However, the pine is tricky to carve the shapes into because it is so soft, so keep that in mind. 

You can start with a square piece of wood. I looked at Lowe's for a round dowel large enough, but couldn't find one. My dad said it doesn't have to be round to start with (as you would think it would need to be), but we made a circle out of a square very easily. Then, carve the basic shape on the lathe. I used my toy lightsaber a lot for a scale comparison. However, I did make mine a little smaller around than the toy version. I also used this forum page for the size of different areas on the lightsaber. The measurements came from the Master Replica Ahsoka lightsaber which was approved by Dave Filoni as the Ahsoka lightsaber. 

For Ahsoka's shoto (small lightsaber), you really just have to go off of online photos. There are no official models of this saber, so it's a little more open to interpretation. 

One of the "buttons" on Ahsoka's sabers is actually part of what clips them onto her belts. This method of lightsaber clips was used in Star Wars episodes I-III, and thus was used during the Clone Wars. The clips were originally used as clips for cell phones, and are formally known as "Covertec Clips." They consist of a part that clips on your belt as well as a wheel that is attached to the saber. The wheel is then clipped onto the These clips are not currently sold anymore (figures . . .) however, you can purchase them online. I bought mine on eBay, since my mom has an eBay account, however they were from "The 'Star Wars' Belt Clip" website. They ship from England, so allow them a good two weeks to arrive. This is the best deal I found at the time that I needed them, however if you watch eBay for a few weeks, you may find a better deal. On SW Belt Clip website, you can also purchase extra wheels in case you want to use your clips with a different lightsaber. 

 "So, you wanna buy a lightsaber? How much are you willing to pay?"

-Lauli Wahlo to Ahsoka Tano in "Lightsaber Lost"  

If you are not able to do a lightsaber out of wood (or metal if you have the know-how) and money is not an issue, I would suggest commissioning someone to make them for you. Victoria Schmidt (aka. "Scruffy Rebel") had her lightsabers made by Nocturne Armory. They look fantastic and have snap-in blades of sorts that light up, I believe. They are several hundred dollars for the pair, though. 

However, if you are wanting a cheap alternative saber with a blade, consider getting a costume saber or toy saber. I purchased the Ahsoka toy lightsaber from Amazon (as stated above), and though it is very cheaply made, it has a telescoping blade and looks just like Ahsoka's. Be prepared for the cheap quality though! It is not compatible with the Covertec clips (as stated above, I searched "green lightsaber" on eBay, and came up with several. I have one that my brother got at the fair a few years back, and it makes a great Ahsoka shoto, even though the handle is not accurate. But if you're holding it in your hand, it doesn't matter that much. If you want, you could probably put Sculpey clay buttons on the saber to make it a little more like Ahsoka's. I use that saber as her shoto as it is only 28" long, and I use the toy Ahsoka saber as her regular one. 

 Making the basic shape on the lathe. 

 My basic shape compared to the shape of the toy saber. 

 My wooden sabers. I have not cut the notches in the top of the sabers, or chiseled out the design on the hilt of the shoto. This just gives you the basic shapes and sizes. Looking back, I think I should have made the shoto a little longer, but it works well. 

The circle part is glued onto the saber. The circle hooks onto the belt clip part, thus hanging the lightsaber on the belt. 


This is the exact saber that I have and use for my shoto with a blade. They are currently for sale on eBay for under $15! Be aware that some listed on eBay have a translucent handle instead of a silver one, so look carefully! It's really great though, and has very bright LED's inside!


This is Victoria Schmidt with her AMAZING Ahsoka costume. You can see her custom lightsabers here. The blades are removable, as they are often seen on her belt without the blades. Check out her Facebook page for more photos. 

This is another picture of Victoria's lightsabers. You can see them here without the blades. 


These measurements came from the Ahsoka Master Replica's Lightsaber. For a bigger picture, you can go to this forum page.